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Address: Paraiso Street, Parang, 2, Marikina, Manila 1809


Mobile: 639281260215 regular call or video call is only accessible on app (viber, whatsapp, wechat, line)

FREDERICKMPAULO For companies who are previously giving me a message for your supply needs in your areas of business, message me on ( or or or for business inquiries. 

For your bulk orders, individual orders and inquiries we can supply message us on

FREDERICKMPAULO selling an own residencial and commercial acreage worldwide on commission (click view image) Assured Free business ad already running on google Clubhouse Mansion (view google ad) i'm selling my own residencial and commercial acreage for equally avoiding illegal claim.

Residencial acreage is with a concrete house which can be renovated into a high rise business establishment or a clubhouse resort for rent, fully setup swimming ground with high rise solid cement wall sound absorber with an inside parking located in 2 Paraiso street parang marikina. 

Commercial acreage is on a main road suitable for large scale business corporations which is subject for full renovation and development located in 77 F. Balagtas street parang marikina manila. 

For buyers of my residencial and commercial acreage, open in your browser on search box key in ( or ( or ( you will see my FREE business ad already running clubhouse mansion.

FREDERICKMPAULO 639281260215 (viber). buyers go for an actual ocular of our location. Interested buyers for residencial acreage please be informed that a maximum of 60 days relocation move is honored as an arrangement upon purchase. If interested, documentations and legal procedures on selling and buying an acreage shall be executed which includes commission. For lease clubhouse mansion for buyers who's gonna buy my residencial house you may go no reside in and pay workers on look over. 

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FREDERICKMPAULO (click view image) worlwide numerous banks whom Frederick Mayoni Paulo has numerous record worldwide Forward my check. Address is on 2 paraiso street parang marikina manila. please be informed that my address is replaced upon purchase of residencial & commercial acreage which includes Flying going abroad. send message on Frederick Mayoni Paulo (viber) 639281260215 for making sure. Officials & lawyers whom Frederick Mayoni Paulo have rendered legal records please send my check.

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